Somedays are so weird. Being a human is weird. I am not sure compared to what, as I have only been a human as far as we know. I do think it would be fun to be a mermaid. On second thoughts, mermaids do not wear shoes and I happen to really really like shoes.

Okay, back to being weird. I started this blog and then got scared. I have the most random thoughts and feelings every day. What if what I write is too random and weird. So I did not finish a bunch of things I started writing which did not help me feel better.

Today, I wanted to isolate. I was just in a funky mood and not feeling 100% yet. I had made plans to go walk with my bestie. I almost canceled several times. I just wanted to hide in my condo alone. I am glad I did not cancel. Everyone should have at least one person who likes you even when you do not like yourself and can tell your voices to shut up.

On our walk, we decided we should start a blog and make videos interviewing the homeless people who hang out at the park because they would probably have profound wisdom we should share with the world. We decided we should buy a condo in Florida and be snow birds when we get old. We come up with some good stuff on walks… I am sure you are overwhelmed by our fantastic ideas. 

I did share that I have been all weird about my blog because I am human and my voices are jerk faces. She totally agreed that my voices are jerk faces because she is a good BFF like that.  What we decided…I should write like no one is reading my blog and if people love it great, if they do not like it well they were not reading it anyway so it does not matter. You know the”dance like no one is looking thing” except “blog like no one is reading”.

So here is my blog about everything and nothing,  Was your day weird too? I think my last two years have been weird, or maybe I am just weird…the world may never know.



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