I went to see Tarzan with my bestie and my favorite little man last weekend. Driving home I thought  I want to go to Africa , meet Tarzan, swing from trees, fall in love with Tarzan, and have animal friends….I still do. It made me laugh. I realized that  I still believe in magic, happily-ever-after, and talking animals. I also love cartoons and coloring. I still wish to sleep on clouds and walk on rainbows.

We get older and life happens, the world tries to take our magic and wonder. I know that last year I was so lost I did not believe in much. I went to see Cinderella and cried during most of the movie, because my belief in happily-ever-after was gone. I was broken my magic was gone. My inner child took a leave of absense and I was not sure it would come back. I thought, I can not even sit through a classic movie from my youth because I am so jaded.

If you are a really grown up and your magic went way before you hit twenty, you shoud probably work on finding it play more and be less grown-up, it is totally overrated. It is a sad world with no magic, wonder and mystery. If like me you have been rocked to your core so your inner child hid, hang on it comes back slowly but it comes back.

I hope I always belive in fairy tales, magic, love at first site and fairy tales. Never let anyone take your wonder. My inner child is back and needs to escape!

What’s your inner child want to do today?




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