pictures of you

I think I have listened to Pictures of You by The Cure referenced in the above more times while writing this post than I have since high school. And now you will be listening and singing it too, you are welcome!

I have bazillions of pictures. Some make me smile. Some make me sad. Some make me smile and then I am sad. I wish I could call the other person in the picture and say “hey! remember when”…  Maybe in time that will happen but it is not a good idea today, for some pictures. Today, the wounds are too fresh. There is a world of sadness, anger, and mourning over lost dreams. Too much unsaid, too much confusion, and miscommunication.


I often wonder, what do you do with the proverbial box of memories? Do you keep them?  Often it reminds me of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when a couple goes to get their memories of one another erased when their relationship goes bad. Like the movie, if I delete pictures, will I lose the memories?    


In the end, like the movie, I do not think we really want to erase the memories. I think we just want to be able to remember the good without the bad and sad. We want to go to the moment of those pictures before everything shifted.  We want to have those people in the pictures in our lives, in some aspect without all of the other stuff.

I have pictures today that remind me that even the sad ones, in time can be happy again. That relationships are not what they were, but friendships can be rekindled and changed even when I thought it would never happen.

What do you do with your box of memories?


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